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Hello Everyone! So i like painting and drawing alot. Talked to Cygnus at some point that it might be a fun idea to paint my argonian. I never can decide on the medium :S so i did both a watercolor painting and a digital painting. one of the first sketches ... Watercolor Painting ... And then my digital painting ... please let me know what you think :D here's a dragon :reddragon: cause dragons are cool.
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Dear Alith Legionnaires, We're very excited to open recruitment for 2 new PvE Raid Leaders and 1 new PvP Raid Leader to join the team responsible for leading our official PvE and PvP Raids. Positions: 2x PvE Raid Leaders & 1x PvP Raid Leader Number of Vacancies: 3 Closing Date: Saturday 1st December 2018 Starting Date: We would like our new raid leaders to start getting involved with our raids ASAP. However, this will depend on how long it takes us to process the applications (usually about a week after the closing date). We may invite you to an interview and/or ask you to complete a trial run as part of the application process. Requirements: Applicants must be active dedicated members of our guild and discord server. Should be familiar with our guild rules, hold our values in high esteem and willing to attend regular Raid Leader team meetings. Some experience leading raids is desirable, but not compulsory. Should be organised, level headed, a good communicator,and willing to work closely with the Officer Team. Must be able to stay calm, maintain a relaxed pressure free atmosphere but can easily manage large groups of people. Should get along well with everyone in the guild and be confident with the mechanics surrounding either our PvE and PvP raids (depending on the role for which you’re applying) How to apply: Simply contact us via email on expressing your interest and willingness to help. Please share a paragraph explaining why you feel you meet the requirements above, and why you are interested in the role. Please also confirm in your application if you hold any form of a leadership role (Officer or Raid Leader) in any other guilds so we can take your availability into consideration. If you're already a member of another team in our guild but wish to also take on a PvE or PvP Raid Leader role, you are still welcome to apply. Just be aware though that working in multiple roles at the same time could be quite time consuming for you - but we're certainly happy to have members working in multiple teams. Alith Legion needs your help, so don't be afraid to get involved and give something back to our community. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Gareth & Alith Legion Officer Team
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