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Medals Name Description Awarded
Guild Champion Awarded by the guild officers to those members who have been recognised as being positive members of the guild, adding a lot of value and making a big positive impact to the guild. This is a way of saying thanks to those who go above and beyond.. 4
Members Champion This award is voted by the members, for the members! Each month Alith Legion Members vote for who they would like to see recognised for their good deeds and general positive contribution to the guild. 43
Above & Beyond This award is given to members for any small general positive actions the officers have noticed. This could be anything from just helping out a guildie in need to coming up with a new idea for the guild. We will issue this award out randomly at any point. 31
Alith Legion Elder This award is given to those members who have shown extensive knowledge of The Elder Scrolls online, and often share their knowledge / research with their fellow guild mates in all sorts of ways - one for the wise, experienced members of the guild! 16
Party Animal For all the fun loving, positive members in the guild! This is an award which the members and officers vote on, for those members who simply help with the positive atmosphere in the guild, by being fun, social, and all round crazy! 21
Event Champion Awarded to all those members who are victorious in any of our official guild events - well done and look forward to seeing you at our next guild event! 10
Senior Member Awarded to all members who reach their 6 month mark with the guild, and continue to be active members of the community. Congratulations, this is our way of showing appreciation for your loyalty and dedication to the guild over all these months! 80
Raid Leader This award is given to those members who have successfully been promoted to a guild "Raid Leader" position. Thank you for your efforts in helping to lead, organise and make our guild raids so successful! 7
Recruitment Champion This award is given to those members who are promoted to a "Recruitment Champion" position within the guild. Thanks for going above and beyond in helping us to attract new members to join our community, we appreciate your efforts! 3


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