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Meet Your Officers Rainbow RL

Guild Master

Jonny started playing Elder Scrolls Online in December 2015 and joined Alith a few short weeks later. As a new and entirely clueless Skyrim player, Jonny was quickly drawn in by Alith’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guild events became a regular feature in her life and convinced her that socialising with like-minded people was rather good fun.

In the autumn of 2016, Jonny applied for the role of PvP raid leader and spent many happy months charging off cliffs on a camel and leading fellows Alithians to death or glory on the battlefields of Cyrodiil. She proved to be highly capable at achieving her main aim of providing as many opportunities as possible for guildies to die with the introduction of duelling events, as well as teaching them how to kill each other in PvP training.

In February 2017, Alith morphed into Alith Legion and Jonny decided it was time to take on the next challenge by applying for the role of Guild Officer. Gareth and Bella, in their mighty new roles as Guild Master and Leader, bravely accepted her as the new officer responsible for raid leading. From this position, she hopes to build on Alith Legion’s epic raiding history and take the events’ calendar from strength to strength. She is looking to ensure there are regular, enjoyable events for all Alith Legionnaires regardless of playstyle, level or willingness to kill so that every guild member can experience the same high quality raids which made Jonny feel at home in Alith Legion in the first place.

In real life, Jonny is a Physicist turned Engineer from England who enjoys rock climbing, rowing and people bowing before her yelling “Kneel before RainbowZod”.


Meet Your Officers Pema

Deputy Leader

Lee played ESO right back at launch and had no idea what he was doing, after a long break from the game he returned hungry to get into a series he had been a fan of since the xbox version of morrowind.

This time...he still has no idea what he's doing! But he does it with style and with friends he has made since returning to the game joining Alith in 2016. It was Alith Legion that gave him his first taste of PvP and Trial content and gave him the confidence in his own playstyle and ability to push on and become a PvP Raid Leader. It was about that time that his entire playstyle changed from a rearguard healer to a no nonesense facetanking frontman. Leading the charge against our enemies on the plains of cyrodiil!

Never afraid to fail and never afraid of a fight, Lee leeds with enthusiasm and just wants to make sure everyone has a good time in the inclusive and safe environment of the guild. He will always be willing to lend a hand with any tips from his personal experience in game. The step up to officer was a natural step for someone who has spent a lot of time in and around the raid leader team often taking on PvE content with the same attitude he brings to PvP...which doesn't always work! But it's all in good fun.

Outside of the game Lee is a theatre director and photographer and runs his own business, as well as working part time in a Post Office.


Meet Your Officers Mr Red

Guild Officer

Bjørn Erik first found the elder scrolls games with the release of Skyrim and was excited about the release of Elder Scrolls Online. ESO was his first MMO, and he has been playing the game since beta and joined Alith less than a year after launch. He had been in a few social guilds in the past but none of them had come close to the amazing community and wonderful activities he had experienced with Alith. He quickly got to know the community and when he saw how welcoming and friendly everyone was and how much the guild had to offer with events he quickly grew to love Alith and it became a second family. And after he experienced his very first raid with Alith he made ESO trials his second home.

In the autumn of 2015 he joined the raid leader team as a PVE Raid Leader because he wanted to share his love and knowledge of the trials with the rest of the guild. Raid leading became his pride and joy and he was always happy to share his knowledge and experience with fellow guildies. Mr_Red started off leading our learning raids and later progressed to teaching Veteran modes’ of both dungeons and trials. He formed strong bonds with his fellow raid leaders and enjoyed working with them as a member of the team.

After 2 years leading raids he stepped down to take a break from ESO endgame, but was unable to stay away form the community for long and after just a few months break he came back to join the officer team. Bjørn is from Norway and works as a locksmith. Installing different security systems, emergency escape mechanisms and making buildings accessible to people with physical disabilities. He is always friendly and willing to share his knowledge with all guild members so do be sure to send him a whisper if you need some help.


Meet Your Officers Pema

Guild Officer

Upon arrival in Tamriel this one was lost and on it's own going from one small town to another. These towns had very few friends, and my claws grew dull. Then she managed to find equally minded friends and they showed the road to warm sands: Alith.

May 2015 this one made it's first post on the forum and the plunge into a new guild was made, never had this one seen such a big group of friendly people. The time went fast and then the call was put out, Alith needed raid leaders. This one remembers the day when only three trails were discovered, and only the bravest veteran raiders could enter. As this one applied for the position of raid mentor, the name at the time, she was send into the cave's up in the north of Craglorn. It was rumored that a creature called a manticora was living there and this one was send in with a group as a test of leading and courage. Many nights of screaming and dying, while they discovered trail after trail, followed. Even the cries of battle in places like the imperial city couldn't keep this one out, my claws were sharp and the moons bright.

As one of the oldest raid leader, this one managed to get a big office and the really comfy chair. There is a time for everything, so the moment came to a heed to the call to take on more responsibility and apply as officer. And with the blessing of Jone and Jode the comfy chair was moved to a new office and shiny name plates were picked out and placed. When not in Tamriel Simone spends her time at work, teaching in vocational education and when possible visit the fishes in other countries as a scuba diver. As gamer most recently you find me in Watchdogs 2 and The Division, before games as skyrim and star wars battlefield II (the none loot box version) passed my harddrive.

I'm glad to be a part of Alith and serve it as an officer, I vow to kill many people on raids and will remain new to PVP. See you all out there in Tamriel! And yes that is a real hist egg in my hands!


Meet Your Officers Gareth

Guild Officer

Gareth has been with Alith since the beginning of 2015, and in fact Alith was Gareth's very first guild in an MMO!  Gareth very quickly grew to love the people and ethos of the guild, greatly because he found that Alith's values matched his own.  Gareth is originally from South Africa, but moved to the UK back in 2008.  Gareth has always been passionate about the Elder Scrolls series, ever since the days of Morrowind, but the real gem for him is being part of this community which he cares about deeply.

After being a valuable member of Alith community for several months, Gareth very quickly progressed into the role of guild Raid Mentor, where he very successfully organised and led many guild Learning Raids as part of our Alith Academy.  After a very successful period of leading raids, Gareth finally applied to become a guild Officer, because he really wanted to help others to see the value of being part of a community like Alith.  Not only has Gareth proven to be a real integral part of the community, but his vast experience in the games raid & dungeon content has made him a fountain of knowledge, which he regularly shares with the rest of the guild. In the beginning of 2017 when Alith's former leader and Gareth's close friend Belazarus decided to move Alith to FF14 Gareth stepped up as guild leader for the new branch in Alith's history within ESO called Alith Legion.

Gareth really is at the heart of our community, and his laid back, relaxed, friendly personality makes him a very approachable & helpful person.  Gareth is always on hand to share a laugh, or offer a helping hand when it's needed, so don't be shy to give him a wave when you see him online, or ask him for advice on all things ESO related.

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