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The night Alith Legion ruled the world(bosses)!
World boss run Shardan

Nothing is safe from the brave warriors of Alith Legion. 
When one of our officer, Mr_redhead heeded the call to seek out all corners of tamriel to find the bosses dominating the world many Alithians came. 
With a group of at least 30 we managed to free all DLC zones from their domination. 
Many members came out and our voice chat what a great buzz of fun and excitement for new titles and achievements unlocked. 

Many pictures were snapped and we ended with a group shot that you see below. 

Credits for the pictures: Top picture by Shardan and the group picture by Mr Redhead.
Even a stream was made of the glorious event so check that out to and follow SerCoopz 

worldbosses groupshot Mr Redhead


Checkout the forum post with all pictures here.



Gareth & The Alith Legion Officers