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Clockwork City DLC and Update 16

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Get Ready for ESO's Clockwork City DLC and Update 16
Clockwork City Update16 v4

Elder Scrolls Online's Clockwork City DLC game pack is coming. It is a standalone DLC game pack that will be available free to all ESO Plus members and for purchase from the in-game Crown Store. The Clockwork City DLC game pack features a new zone, a new story quest and a new fast-paced Trial.

In the Clockwork City DLC game pack, you can enter Sotha Sil's legendary creation and explore his mysterious mechanical world. There, you'll discover a strange and unique environment where the buildings, creatures, and even some of the inhabitants are complex mechanical constructs. Central to this new zone is the Brass Fortress, your primary hub location. In addition to exploration, there are many challenges for brave adventurers. You'll find two menacing World Bosses to defeat, two mysterious Delves to explore, a new Trial to conquer, and a host of standalone and daily quests that will reward you with new and unique set items, Motif Chapters, collectibles, and more.


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