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ESO: Morrowind Announced!

We're going to Vvardenfell on 6th June 2017!  Finally we'll get to return to Morrowind in this huge expansion announced by Zenimax.  This is the biggest content update we've seen since the launch of ESO, and already the community is buzzing with discussion about this upcoming "chapter" in the ESO journey.  Here are just a few of the main highlights coming with Morrowind, that we know about and are looking forward to.

  • Huge map of Vvardenfell to explore and quest in (30 hours of content)
  • New class - The Warden
  • New PvP modes - Ashlands Battlegrounds
  • New Trial - Halls of Fabrication
  • And more....

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We can't wait for the launch, and look forward to returning to Morrowind with you all!

Belazarus & The Alith Officers