Breton Shrine

The Sorcerer is formidable spellcaster with exceptional control over the arcane arts, renowned for an unprecedented capability of manipulating fire, ice and lightning to their will. Adept with any weapon, the sorcerer focuses primarily on bending the wills of others, summoning powerful daedric allies or harnessing the raw elements to rain destructive forces upon any who stands in their path. A sorcerer is accomplished at solitary adventuring, but their true, significant, potential is released when accompanying other members of their faction, sacrificing defensive prowess to present an unparalleled offensive threat.

 Skill Lines:

Storm Calling

The first skill line, Storm Calling will be the bread and butter for offensively minded Sorcerers. This line is predominately damage-centric, although it offers two really great utility spells as well. I expect that the Storm Calling line will feature pretty prominently in PvP builds for this reason.

  • [Ultimate] Overload – A toggle-able attack mode. While Overload is active, light and heavy attacks are replaced with empowered versions that cost Ultimate as their resource.
  • [Active] Mage’s Fury – Calls lightning from the sky, dealing shock damage. This spell also applies a debuff to the target which causes them to explode, dealing bonus damage once they pass below a health threshold.
  • [Active] Bolt Escape – Teleport forward in a straight line, stunning nearby enemies.
  • [Active] Lighting Splash – Create a pool of electrical energy that deals damage every second to enemies within its radius. An ally may exploit the area to activate the Conduit synergy.
  • [Active] Surge – A short duration self-buff which increases your Power.
  • [Active] Lightning Form – Wrap yourself in electrical currents, increasing your damage reduction for a short duration while dealing shock damage to all nearby enemies.
  • [Passive] Capacitor – Increases Magicka regeneration.
  • [Passive] Energized – Increases the damage done by your all lightning-based magic.
  • [Passive] Disintegrate – Your lighting-based spells have a chance to instantly disintegrate low health targets.
  • [Passive] Expert Mage – Reduces the cost of all lightning-based spells.

Dark Magic

The second Sorcerer skill line, Dark Magic, focuses mainly on utility and crowd control. A sorcerer loaded out with these abilities will be an invaluable support and control class for his or her group. This line doesn’t offer much in the way of damage, but that can always be remedied by mixing these skills with other lines.

  • [Ultimate] Negate Magic – Dispel enemy magic effects in an area, enemies who are spellcasting within the field are silenced and take additional damage.
  • [Active] Encase – Dark shards erupt from the ground, immobilizing enemies in front of you.
  • [Active] Repulse – Nearby enemies are knocked backwards and snared for a short duration.
  • [Active] Rune Prison – Seal an enemy within a runic prison. Imprisoned enemies are disoriented, but benefit from increased health regeneration while affected.
  • [Active] Dark Exchange – Channel dark magic, restoring your own Health and Magicka at the cost of Stamina.
  • [Active] Daedric Mines – Summon 3 mines in front of you. The mines take a few seconds to arm themselves, after which they immobilize and deal magic damage to enemies who touch them.
  • [Passive] Unholy Knowledge – Reduce the Magicka and Stamina costs of all abilities.
  • [Passive] Blood Magic – Hitting an enemy with any Dark Magic skill heals you for a small amount.
  • [Passive] Persistence – Increases the duration of all Dark Magic spells.
  • [Passive] Exploitation – Increases your critical strike chance when attacking a target affected by Dark Magic.

Daedric Summoning

The third skill line for the Sorcerer is Daedric Summoning. These skills are heavily influenced by the Conjuration school; summoning Daedra, curses, and items to assist the caster in combat. This line offers great versatility, and could easily be incorporated into a wide variety of build types.

  • [Ultimate] Summon Storm Atronach – Summons an immobile Storm Atronach at the targeted location. Enemies in the area are stunned and take shock damage. The Atronach casts lightning spells and is extremely durable.
  • [Active] Unstable Familiar – Summon a Daedric familiar to attack enemies; the maximum Magicka of the caster is reduced by a small amount while the familiar is alive.
  • [Active] Daedric Curse – Curse an enemy, when the effect expires all nearby enemies take damage. Only 1 curse may be active at a time.
  • [Active] Summon Winged Twilight – Summon a Winged Twilight to attack nearby enemies; the maximum Magicka of the caster is reduced by a small amount while the Twilight is alive.
  • [Active] Bound Armor – Summon magical armor. While toggled gain increased Armor at the expense of Magicka regeneration.
  • [Active] Conjured Ward – Create a damage shield on yourself and your summoned creatures, absorbing a percentage of the damage taken.
  • [Passive] Rebate – Receive Magicka back when one of your summons are killed.
  • [Passive] Power Stone – Reduces the cost of ultimate abilities.
  • [Passive] Daedric Protection – Increases your health regeneration while any summoning ability is slotted.
  • [Passive] Expert Summoner – Your summoned creatures gain additional bonuses; Winged Twilight duration increased, Familiar movement speed increased, Atronach range increased.