Argonian Pose

There are few souls who have matched steel for steel with a Nightblade, and lived long enough to recount their fearful tale. The Nightblade believes in finesse above all else, avoiding open combat and shunning the idea of strength of agility. Instead, they will stick to the darkest shadows and quietest recesses, patiently waiting for opportune moments to strike – and when they do, invariably that strike will hit its target, deliberately and often fatally. The Nightblade’s natural combat style lends itself to heavy use of light, quick weapons, sharpened for deep and clean punctures – or even lying in wait with bow and arrow to launch pre-emptive attacks, before retreating again to the shadows from whence they came. Confident in their capabilities, the Nightblade is also more than accomplished at avoiding harm should they ever be caught unaware or off-guard, darting about the battle field, confusing slower opponents before delivering artery seeking thrusts.

 Skill Lines:


The first skill tree the Nightblade has access to, Assassination, focuses on this very strategy, incorporating heavy hitting melee attacks and abilities designed to deliver high melee DPS. Assassination also gives a bit of avoidance, to help the Nightblade stay in the thick of the action for long enough to secure their kill.

  • [Ultimate] Death Stroke –- Deals damage to your target, and reduces their incoming healing. The damage dealt is increased by your Ultimate pool.
  • [Active] Assassin’s Blade –- Deals moderate damage with a large damage multiplier when used against low health enemies.
  • [Active] Teleport Strike - Teleport directly to your target, dealing damage and stunning them for a short duration.
  • [Active] Blur –- A medium duration self buff that gives attackers a percentage based miss chance when attacking the Nightblade.
  • [Active] Mark Target - Place a mark on a high-health target; while marked you deal extra damage to the target. Killing the marked target will heal the Nightblade.
  • [Active] Haste - Increases the attack speed of normal and power attacks for a moderate duration.
  • [Passive] Master Assassin - Deal increased damage while stealthed or invisible. Successful sneak attacks stun for longer.
  • [Passive] Executioner - Killing an enemy with an Assassination ability restores some Magicka.
  • [Passive] Pressure Points - Increases the Nightblade’s critical strike chance for every Assassination ability on their current hotbar.
  • [Passive] Hemorrhage - Increases the Nightblade’s bonus critical strike damage for each Assassination ability on their current hotbar.


Next up, the Shadow line provides some great utility to complement the assassin style. Shadow includes a nice bag of tricks, that can be used strategically to turn the course of a fight in the Nightblades’ favor.

  • [Ultimate] Consuming Darkness - An AoE snare that renders the Nightblade invisibile. Attacking an enemy removes the invisibility for a short time. Allies can activate the Slip Away synergy, also gaining invisibility.
  • [Active] Shadow Cloak - Gain invisibility for a short duration.
  • [Active] Veiled Strike - Deals increased damage and stun enemies. Requires Stealth.
  • [Active] Summon Shade - Summons a shade which attacks and debuffs your enemies causing them to deal less damage.
  • [Active] Path of Darkness - Deals damage in a path in front of you, increases your movement speed along that path.
  • [Active] Aspect of Terror - Nearby enemies are afflicted with Fear.
  • [Passive] Refreshing Shadow - Activating a Shadow ability increases stamina regeneration
  • [Passive] Shadow Barrier - Take less damage after coming out of stealth or invisibility
  • [Passive] Fortitude - Increase max Health per slotted Shadow ability slotted
  • [Passive] Dark Veil - Increase duration of Shadow abilities


Siphoning presents an alternative approach toAssassination tree, rather than overwhelming a foe with burst damage, Siphoning focuses on prolonging fights and wearing your enemies down with DoT’s, crowd control, and self-heals.

  • [Ultimate] Soul Shred - Deals PBAoE damage and stuns nearby enemies. Initiates the Leeching Strike synergy.
  • [Active] Strife - Places a DoT on your target which also heals you for the duration.
  • [Active] Agony - Stuns and DoTs an enemy for a long duration, but the effect is broken by any other damage.
  • [Active] Cripple - Places a DoT on an enemy which gradually decreases its movement speed, transferring an equal speed bonus to the Nightblade.
  • [Active] Siphoning Strikes - Sacrifice a portion of your own weapon damage in to restore a portion of your Magicka and Stamina with every hit.
  • [Active] Drain Power - Debuff the attack power of nearby enemies, transferring a portion of that power to the Nightblade for each affected enemy.
  • [Passive] Catalyst - Increase potion effectiveness
  • [Passive] Magicka Flood - Increase maximum magicka when you have a Siphoning ability slotted.
  • [Passive] Soul Siphoner - Increases healing taken by Siphoning abilities
  • [Passive] Transfer - Gain ultimate when dealing damage with a Siphoning ability