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Essential trading addons malfunctioning

15 Sep 2020 22:13
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Essential trading addons malfunctioning #124881
Having recently rejoined the game, I promptly downloaded two old friends via Minion without which trading becomes almost impossible - namely, Tamriel Trade Center and Master Merchant. Unfortunately, both are malfunctioning seriously on my Mac, and I am baffled as to what I can do about it. I have the latest versions in both cases, and all the associated Library files ticked. When I first log on, I see an error message to the effect that "Item lookup table is missing. You need to run Client.exe under [...] before starting the game to make TTC work properly". However, leaving the game, clicking on Client.exe as requested and then logging back on does nothing; the error message still appears.

When dealing with the Guild Store, the Master Merchant - Your Info screen appears, but the information shown is completely screwy; of the 35-odd items sold in the last two weeks, it shows precisely four - three sold 26 days ago, and one sold 24 hours ago. The others have vanished. Finally, when looking for a suggested price before selling an item, the Master Merchant grid overlay showing prices appears for some items - but not for others (the majority).

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to make these two plugins behave!

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19 Sep 2020 18:35
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Essential trading addons malfunctioning #124890
Hi Silentarius,

Tamriel Trade Centre
I don't use Tamriel Trade Centre but it seems there is a new way for Mac users to run the Addon without the "Client.exe" and use a Webclient instead to manually upload the "TamrielTradeCentre.lua" file to the Tamriel Trade Centre web site.

Tamriel Trade Centre Version:

For Mac users and people whos afraid of exe file. Webclient (beta) is available online.
Go to and select your region.
Click on Addon -> Webclient ( ) and follow the instructions

Master Merchant 3.0
Again, I don't use this Addon but there appears to be two versions available. The older version 2.5 and the newer version 3.0.9.
Master Merchant v2.5.0
Master Merchant v3.0.9
If you are using v2.5 try installing v3.0.9 instead.

Hope you're able to sort out your trading addons.


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