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Alith Legion guild meet 2019 - Amsterdam - what you need to know

22 Apr 2019 14:00
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Alith Legion guild meet 2019 - Amsterdam - what you need to know #121699
Dear Alithians the time is nearing and it's time to get you guys informed!
Below you find a carefully selected programm that may or may not be sponsored by deadric princes...

Enjoy and for any questions use our discord chanel or PM Pema

Please sign up if you're (planning) to come to the meet.

Programme for the guild meet so far( Prices are indications.):

Friday: Reservations have been made
19:00 Gathering at starbucks at Amsterdam Zuid train/metro station
Dinner for those who are there
Location: Sushi time WTC, Amsterdam Zuid.
All you can eat sushi €23.25 Per person (soup and desert included) (drinks not included)

After dinner option for drinks

Meetup at central station, before we head out we make reservations for the cruise in the evening.
(if you are not able to make this but want to join the evening you can purchase tickets online, see below)
Coffee/tea at Loetje Centraal.

Split up in two groups and have an exciting activity

Meet back up for lunch
Location TBD

Canal tour
Activity/free roaming time
If requested sightseeing pointers are available :)

Gather at the cruise location to board
Gathering up for dinner (time can change on the day) at the spui (near the begijnenhof)
18.30 -20.00
Dinner at restaurant the pakhuis.
Reservation is not possible, but they can place large groups have good food for not to much money!

Pizza & burger cruise
Pizza or burger, brownie as dessert and unlimited drinks €42.50
Location: Lovers - Prins Hendrikkade 25

The cruise might be full, then we'll adjust the programm of the day.
Please don't book your ticket yet.

20.30 (time can change depending on dinner)
Drinks at Three Sisters Pub, Rembrandplein.
At 22:00 they will have live DJ's, till that time it's a nice big place to have a drink.

After this people can go their own way, Rembandplein is one of the places to hit the clubs or have a drink.
Alternativly there's the Leidscheplein.

This day is up for votes.
Some options are:


Some were planning to go to the best theme-park we have: Efteling

You can buy tickets online, or ask any of the dutchies if they have a discount card (spaarzegels van de albert heijn)

Normal fee €40,00
With discount €30,00 (ticket has to be purchased by somebody who saved the staps in the super market and pre paid)

travel info Efteling
Train+Bus back and forth is also €40
There are alternatives like flixbus but I personally don't support the company so I won't lookup the route :)

Amsterdam has a big zoo in its city center, Artis.
This can be an option for people who want to enjoy a day in a green environment, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks and consume them inside.
Prices: € 24.00

Other options are:
Roaming the city
Visiting museum
Hanging in the park
Checking out other areas around Amsterdam

General info:
I advice to buy a public transport ticket:

There are those for just Amsterdam (GVB) so all of Amsterdam basically (this counts the actual hrs from check-in).
GVB 1 day / 24 uur € 8,00
GVB 2 days / 48 uur € 13,50
GVB 3 days / 72 uur € 19,00
GVB 4 days / 96 uur € 24,50

You can purchase these are several points in Amsterdam: (check service points, one is on central station)

From the airport to Amsterdam you can take the train.
You can buy your ticket at the machine's in the hallway or at the window.
A one way ticket from schiphol airport to Amsterdam central station is €4,50 (excluding service fee)

Another option is the combination ticket for train+public transport Amsterdam
Amsterdam Travel Ticket
GVB 1 day € 17,00
GVB 2 days € 22,50
GVB 3 days € 28,00

Here in Amsterdam we use the Euro, and that's the only currency accepted.

You can pay with cash/debit card/credit card.
Credit cards are accepted in a lot of places but not everywhere, cash and debit cards are common.
Check if your bankcard isn't locked (some banks lock the card to being used in the own country or area, sometimes you need to unlock this before you travel)

If you need to withdraw money make sure to use a trusted machine from one of the Dutch banks, sadly some machines made an uprise who will charge you a ton.
Trusted banks:
​ABN-Amro Bank
ING Bank
SNS Bank
Some banks now combine them to Geldmaat (bright yellow)

At the airport there are places to get money, like GWK or the ATM from ABN Amro.
Those are trusted banks who give a fair rate.

Do not use machines with the blue diamond logo on it from euronet, they will rip you off in exchange.

For those who like to walk around in new swag get your gear.
We updated the store with the new logo and there will be a special limited time guild meet option for you guys to get.

This post will be updated as we get closer to the date, frequently asked questions will find their way in there

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04 May 2019 15:48
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Alith Legion guild meet 2019 - Amsterdam - what you need to know #121893
Hey guys, I'll be making reservations for friday dinner after the weekend. So if your coming and want to join us for dinner on friday please sign up using this form:

If your joining is for the other days please also signup, it helps us to know how many people are coming.

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06 May 2019 15:08
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Alith Legion guild meet 2019 - Amsterdam - what you need to know #121915
Reservation for friday are made.
There's a €5 discount on the original price.

Reservation is at 19:30 (2 hr's till closing) and we'll meet at 19:00 at the starbucks at station Amsterdam Zuid.

For the saturday our pizza cruise is a no go as it's full so we'll do the cruize in the afternoon and then meetup for a nice dinner in the evening.

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