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Officer Open Door Session Summary

25 Aug 2018 00:49
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Officer Open Door Session Summary #118297
Dear Alith Legionnaires,

This evening we held our 3rd Officer Open Door Session (if you haven't heard of these you can read more here: ). There were many varied and interesting discussions, which we've summarised below with a rough approximation of the questions asked for anyone who's interested but wasn't able to make the time slot.

Are members allowed to form their own events with the guild calendar?
Yes, absolutely! Mondays are reserved specifically for members to put their own events on the calendar. The calendar can be user-unfriendly, so members are welcome to ask for help while putting their own events up, and the officers will aim to add a video guide to the website. Suggestions for member's events included dungeon runs or open world dolmen/skyshard runs. Members are also welcome to put events on other days of the week as long as they don't clash with the content type of guild events (e.g. a dungeon run during a Casual PvP event is fine, but an AA farming run during a Learning Raid would be too similar). There was some enthusiasm for weekday daytime member's events and the officers are interested to know if these would be popular.

How have the new management found their first few weeks?
The new officers (Pema and Frag) are having a great time and are relieved they've managed to avoid accidentally kicking anyone from the guild. It was noted that they've put a lot of work into the guild already, and the Facebook page in particular is blooming under their care.

Any news on the Alith Legion Podcast?
Not yet- preparation is still in progress. Hopefully coming soon!

Are there too many sources of information for the guild (website, Discord and Facebook as well as in game)?
There were some concerns raised that information and discussion might be spread across too many formats and end up reducing communication within the guild. The officers view the website as the main source of information for the guild with the calendar, guild rules, raiding details, forums and more. Any important posts on the forums are also posted in discord with a link (typically in the announcements channel) so that members who check discord most regularly don't miss out. The in-game Message of the Day is regularly updated with important highlights. One suggestion was made for members to do the same and post a link in discord if they'd like to bring particular forum threads to the attention of the guild. The forums were felt to be more suitable for in-depth or long running discussions which might get lost or cut short in discord. The Facebook page is a public-facing side of the guild, purely for the social aspects. The sorts of posts on Facebook are game related (e.g. ESO news articles) or highlighting guild achievements (e.g. screenshots of a successful raid). The page is public so members are welcome to view it without joining if they prefer (only members can post though).

Is Friday evening before raids a good time slot for Officer Open Door Sessions?
Those who were able to attend were happy with the time, but the general consensus was that a variable time slot suits the chats best so that as many members as possible are able to attend at least some of the sessions.

Guild meet?
Yes! Our first Alith Legion guild meet was 9 months ago and there is plenty of enthusiasm for a second. Mainland Europe was a popular idea since the last Meet was in the UK, with Amsterdam raised as a potential location.

Are there any experienced players in the guild who are willing to share, discuss and explain their builds with others?
There are, and you can find some of them in the Guides and Class Discussion section of the forums. Raid leaders and officers are happy to answer or direct questions towards those who are best suited to answer them. Player builds in discord is a useful resource for asking questions. There are also guild PvE/PvP Training Sessions every 2/3 months.

Is member's lounge suitable for playing with others (e.g. while running through a public dungeon) or are there other channels in discord available for use?
Yes to both. All the channels in discord are available for members to use if they would like to (e.g. PvE Dungeon or PvP Raid channels) as long as there aren't guild events using them. However, it is perfectly acceptable (encouraged, in fact) for member's lounge to be used while playing in a group if the conversation is open to anyone joining the channel. If the conversation needs to be focused on the content, for example detailed explanations of mechanics or discussion of tactics, to the extent that it excludes anyone not currently playing with you in game, then a dungeon or raid channel is likely to be more suitable. The Alith Legion Toilet and Love Shack were brought up in conversation and the history was explained- the Toilet channel was there for political discussions which are not suitable for member's lounge, but may interest members who wish to engage in healthy debate in private. The Love Shack is for "budding romance" between guild members.

Thank you to everyone who came along! We'll have another session in 1-2 months so feel free to store up some interesting questions or discussion points for then, or get in touch with the officers in the meantime if there's something you've always wanted to ask or say.

The Alith Legion Officer Team (garethsarge, Fragthem, Pema, Mr_redhead and RainbowZod)

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