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Alith Legion during Midyear Mayhem

23 Jul 2018 20:21
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Alith Legion during Midyear Mayhem #117598
Dear Alith Legionnaires,

Midyear Mayhem is approaching ( ) and the Raid Leader Team would like to share our plans with you for guild events during the PvP pandemonium:

  • We will be starting out in Sotha Sil for Guild PvP Events (Casual and Tactical). Based on last year, there will be a (very) long queue to get in, so please aim to be online at least one hour before events to make it into Cyrodiil. The raid leaders will be watching the population and queues of the newly added campaigns to see if they are any better. We might decide to swap campaigns for part of the festival if it is significantly easier to enter a different campaign. Keep an eye on Discord Members' Lounge (in particular the daily event message in the mornings) and Guild Chat leading up to the event for updates on which campaign we'll be using. Baby PvP will remain in Kyne.
  • There is an extra Battlegrounds event on the calendar for Sunday 29th July so you can learn about the 4-person PvP arenas and hopefully get the festival achievement! Sign up as a reserve if the event is full and we'll aim to get as many groups together as there are sign-ups.
  • Guild Imperial City Events will be aiming specifically for the festival achievements rather than the District quests and Sewers bosses as usual. Both IC events will travel into the Sewers as well as the Districts.
  • PvE events will aim to continue as usual for anyone looking for respite from the PvP-fest. If attendance is low for the first week we may adjust the number of PvE events after that.
  • Aside from official guild runs, Cyrodiil is going to be a popular (and busy) place for the next couple of weeks so we encourage any member who would like to play with their fellow legionnaires to form groups in guild chat. Dying is more fun with friends!

Good luck on the battlefields!
The Alith Legion Raid Leader and Officer Teams

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