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New Social Events added to the calendar! World Bosses, Dolmens and more!

17 Apr 2018 20:59
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New Social Events added to the calendar! World Bosses, Dolmens and more! #115875

Good folk of Alith Legion!

I am very happy to inform you that there is a new regular event on the calendar. We will be having a social event every other week focused on doing some fun stuff around the world in a big group while having a laugh on discord. But there's a twist! We will always be running naked and without weapons to make it all a little more interesting, and to add that well known Alith Legion flair to it. As a wise man ones said: "if you can't strip down and punch demons with your guild what's the point in having one"

These are of course open to anyone and everyone. There are no restrictions and no expectations, except that you can't enter Cyrodiil before level 10.

So far on the to-do-list is:

Naked World Bosses in both base game and DLC maps. We will dedicate an event per alliance, then one for Craglorn and Coldharbour, and one for all DLC maps. Let's show these bosses who's really boss!

Naked Cyrodiil Dolmens. Tearing ol' Molag a new one!

This list can be added to and changed later on, feel free to make suggestions about what you want to see in future events. Either mail me in game or send me a message on Discord. I'm very open to hearing what you want to do.

We are very happy to bring more social events regularly to the calendar and are hoping that you are all equally excited about these new events as we are. The first one will happen 5. of May. See you in Tamriel everyone!

-Mr_redhead and The Alith Legion Officer Team

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