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  • Alith Legion Guildhall

    Alith Legion Guildhall

  • Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold DLC & Update 24 Released October 21st

    Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold DLC & Update 24 Released October 21st

  • Scalebreaker & Update 23 Releases August 12th

    Scalebreaker & Update 23 Releases August 12th

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Alith Legion Header News

Screenshot 20190202 231447

Myself and a few of our amazingly generous members are working towards the dream of a proper guildhall and the results of our deep pockets and hard work can be seen below. All Alith Legion Members can access our unofficial guildhall, you simplying right clicking on my ESO ID @garethsarge in the guild roster then click "visit primary residence". 

As you will see our unofficial guildhall is filled with a plethora of very useful items including some that may otherwise not be accessible if you don't have the DLCs yet - The heading to this article will take you to a google sheet with all the details of the items avalible for use.


Screenshot 20190127 110719

  1. All Mundus Stones
  2. Target Dummies
  3. Merchants
  4. All Craftable Sets & Transmute Stations 
Screenshot 20190127 111944
Lets hope in the not too distant future Zos will give us our dream of a proper guildhall and I will ensure every piece of donated and purchased equipment is transferred to our official guildhall.
Keep being awesome Alith :)
Gareth & The Alith Legion Officers

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Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold DLC & Update 24 Released October 21st
 Update 23

When venturing into Dragonhold’s new zone, Southern Elsweyr, you encounter a land in recovery, beset by threats on all sides. This new zone is similar in size to other DLC story zones, such as Murkmire or Clockwork City, and it is packed full of new quests to complete, challenges to overcome, and sites to explore.

In addition to experiencing the main story questline, in this new zone, you confront dangerous world bosses, explore mysterious delves, unlock new crafting stations and gear, and uncover a host of additional side quests that give you a sense of the history and character of the region.

In addition to the dangers posed by slavers and pirates, the people of Southern Elsweyr also must deal with a new threat: a rage of Dragons from the north.


Read the full official announcement article here



Gareth & The Alith Legion Officers

Alith Legion Header News

The night Alith Legion ruled the world(bosses)!
World boss run Shardan

Nothing is safe from the brave warriors of Alith Legion. 
When one of our officer, Mr_redhead heeded the call to seek out all corners of tamriel to find the bosses dominating the world many Alithians came. 
With a group of at least 30 we managed to free all DLC zones from their domination. 
Many members came out and our voice chat what a great buzz of fun and excitement for new titles and achievements unlocked. 

Many pictures were snapped and we ended with a group shot that you see below. 

Credits for the pictures: Top picture by Shardan and the group picture by Mr Redhead.
Even a stream was made of the glorious event so check that out to and follow SerCoopz 

worldbosses groupshot Mr Redhead


Checkout the forum post with all pictures here.



Gareth & The Alith Legion Officers


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